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MAPS – Join the Mission to Journey Inwards  

Team Psychedelics is a global entity connected by one mission: to bring mental healing to the masses through the intentional use of psychedelics.

We Are More Than

ambitious dreamers and harm reduction
advocates. We’re not just at the vanguard
of mental health. Our team is a collective of
diverse individuals-not just in the way we look,
but in the way we think coming together
to reshape the way people view the mind.

It takes guts, but we’ve boldly ventured forward,
helping millions along the way. Since 1986
our members have been dedicated to:

psychedelic medicine
for use in therapy
the impact of decades
of harmful drug policy
the pursuit of alternative
methods of mental healing

With you as part of our community of
researchers, therapists, and advocates,
we can continue our mission.

The mission to Journey Inward

Join Us!

With a monthly donation, you’ll land a spot on the team, and get exclusive early access to discounts on merchandise, event admissions, and more.


Each and every step on this journey is an important one, no matter how big or small it may be.
Become an EXPLORER with monthly donations meeting or exceeding


With your action and our innovation, we can continue making the world a healthier place.
Become a PATHFINDER with monthly donations meeting or exceeding


Our journey has taught us so much, but people like you help us discover what else is possible.
Become a PIONEER with monthly donations meeting or exceeding


A revolution in psychedelic science takes a massive step forward thanks to advocates like you.
Become a GROUNDBREAKER with monthly donations meeting or exceeding

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No Matter what your background is,
We are all on the same team;

We are collectively working towards the goal
of a more equitable solution for mass mental health
and overall well-being through the
use of psychedelics

At team psychedelics,
everyone is welcome

The future of psychedelics starts with you

Contact Information

Every donation goes
towards helping millions
across the world see the
positive impact psychedelics
can have on mental health
through out programs
focusing on Policy &
Advocacy, Harm
Reduction, and through
our research across
the globe.